What happens when “burgers” visit northern hill stations in Pakistan? “PAWRI!” We bet you read that out loud. When a 19 year old social media content creator/blogger, Dananeer Mobeen posted a video on her Instagram profile mimicking the spoilt, rich youngster’s (a.k.a “burgers”) way of communication, the internet went crazy over it. Soon, all you could see on your Instagram feed were funny recreations of Dananeer’s content.

In a span of one week, her video on Instagram had about 3.9m views and her followers are now 1.2 million.

Even our cricket team couldn’t resist and jumped on the bandwagon. Featuring pacer Hasan Ali, a video was posted from Pakistan Cricket Board’s Twitter account after the team’s win against South Africa in the three-match series in Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore on 14 February, 2021.

The video was being recreated at such speed, our local celebrities decided to go for it as well. Saba Qamar, Falak Shabir and Yasir Hussain were seen enjoying the latest internet trend #PawriHoraiHai.

#PawriHoraiHai across borders!

When everyone in Pakistan was remaking their versions of “Pawri Horai Hai”, the talented, Mumbai based music composer, Yashraj Mukhate created the best “pawri” track. The track is super addictive and has 7,285,458 views on Instagram, while the video was trending on #4 on YouTube with over 10m views in just two days!

Many Indian brands took inspiration from the trending Pawri Horai Hai and used it to make creatives as part of their marketing.

Dominos India was super creative with their 50% off offer.

PIB Fact Check used the trend to be both creative and informative about what they do. Check out their post.

Overwhelmed and excited by the response, Dananeer dances to Yashraj’s Pawri Horai Hai Song

The excitement of the new music video of Pawri Horai Hai by Yashraj Mukhate had Dananeer dancing to the music as well. Dananeer along with her friends is seen enjoying the Pawri Horai Hai track.

It only takes a few viral hacks and relevant brands take that opportunity to create merchandise. In this picture you can see the ‘Pawri Girl’ and her friends wearing ‘PawriHoraiHai’ t-shirts.

Reasons for going viral

There are many reasons why certain content goes viral on social media. We see different content every day, it could be funny or catch but we don’t necessarily see them all going viral. That is because there is a science between why some content goes viral and some doesn’t.

An interesting fact surrounding virality according to a study is that 15% of people who view shared content are likely to enjoy it more than if they discovered the content themselves.

  1. Novelty Search: According to neuroscience researchers, a section in our mid-brain called susbtantia nigra is responsible for rising our dopamine levels when we stumble upon a new idea or content, leaving us searching for more. So it goes without saying that when we come across a new concept or notion, we tend to walk towards it due to the arousal in our brain.


  1. Curiosity: When an idea, information or a piece of content strikes a sense of curiosity in us, it is likely to go viral. According to George Loewenstein’s Information Gap Theory, we as humans are always trying to fill the gap between what we know and what we want to know. Naturally making us curious by nature.


  1. Validation: When we land on a piece of content that agrees with our personal worldview and how we perceive things, we feel validated and are likely to share that. Sharing significant common ground with a certain type of content and help it achieve virality.


  1. Style: Presentation of your content can make or break your message. When a content is share in a distinctive way that is unusual or uses a certain type of sensory style (could be verbal, auditory or visual), there are chances for it go viral. We all remember the music video of ‘Gangnam Style’ sung by a South Korean singer that went viral based on its catchy beat and the amusing dance in the video itself.


Why is Pawri Horai Hai so viral?

Pawri Horai Hai was originally a dig at the “burgers” of Islamabad. We have all made fun of that at some point in our lives haven’t we? When Dananeer Mobeen initially made that video, imitating the way “burger” talk, the sharing began as it was validated by the general Pakistani population because it IS actually how burgers talk. The accent used in the video by Dananeer further validates the concept behind it. However, the creativity behind all the recreations also proves another point. Any piece of content that is so versatile that you can create a soundtrack out of it, run marketing campaigns and recreate in tons of ways possible, it is likely to go viral. It triggered ideas to people in different ways and using the same concept, they created their own version. This leads to how novel experiences can be created not just by creating something new, but by working around the same old concept and adding a twist of your own.

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