Apps keep on experimenting with their algorithms in order to understand their consumers more effectively. This gives them a chance to identify the pattern of what is more popular among the audience. Likewise, last year, Instagram was updated quite a few times and it’s the latest update that has its claws clenched in 2020.

Instagram’s latest update had a few good things in store for us as well. The sudden drop in post engagements was a huge setback, no doubt but there were a few other features you might have missed.

Direct messages on business accounts

Previously, messages from an account Instagram considered suspicious made their way onto the message requests’ folder. This made sense for private accounts. Business accounts, however, mostly receive messages from accounts that are not quite active on Instagram. Many of those messages went to the requests’ folder and used to get missed out as well. Thanks to the new update, business accounts get these messages directly. Business accounts need to respond to their potential customers promptly in order to make the first impression.

IGTV push

With the introduction of IGTV last year, the platform has been trying really hard to get people to use the feature as much as possible. The feature was intended to cater to the time constraint Instagram has for uploading videos. IGTV has now gained a lot of popularity among the bloggers and a good lot of them have turned to it for sharing videos that are longer than a minute.

The new update has made it easier for an IGTV video to do better in terms of engagement than a still post. Rumors have it, the platform is working on introducing intriguing features to make IGTV even more interesting.

More value is given to time

Good news for the bloggers who post frequently; the new Instagram update gives you more space on your follower’s feed if you are able to keep them on the app more. Since the app wants you to use it as much as possible, it now shows one more posts from the person who was able to keep them hooked to the app the most. This will come at the cost of cutting on the screen-time of some of the other people one might be following. But nonetheless, it will provide an opportunity for potential influencers to increase their overall engagement.

Novelty coupled with relevance

Well, the app is still trying its best to create a perfect balance between relevancy and novelty, while the audience wants to see what is new in their feed, it is also important whether those ‘new’ things that happened in their absence were relevant to them or not.

Analysts say (and we keenly observed as well, hence writing) that the new update has changed the way things are shown now. If you open the app after a while, the app is obviously going to display a limited number of posts. These posts are specifically picked keeping in mind how often do you engage with the profile of the said posts. As I mentioned before, Instagram does take into account the relationship you have with other profiles. The app will go the extra mile to make sure you are shown posts that you would like to see.

The ambitious app is trying its best to couple novelty with relevance and if you think that your feed has become redundant or irrelevant that clearly means that it is not going to work for many of us.


Although the new update failed to excite the majority of its users, some of its features did insinuate towards bigger changes awaiting us this year. One of these changes includes a modified version of boomerang videos. The pattern the highly popular app is currently going with suggests that the app is going to be more about the videos than pictures in the near future.

Let’s wait until the first update of the year 2020 arrives.

Till the next update then!