There has been a lot of buzz going on about Instagram’s new update that is making the likes disappear and reducing overall engagement on the posts. Well, for better or for worse, it’s real. The new update the platform has resorted to does affect the engagement on posts. There has been a sharp reduction in the overall engagement on the posts on instagram.

One theory is that the app wants people to spend more on increasing the engagement so that it reaps out the benefits that were previously solely enjoyed by the businesses earning through it. This makes sense as reduced outreach will compel businesses and bloggers to spend on the engagement creating a win-win situation for the app owners.

We know what you are thinking, what about the general public using Instagram, right? We obviously do not want to buy the likes of our friends and family. Well, worry no further as we’ve found a few ways (tried and tested) that could help your engagements stay like they used to be.

Here is what we have found out so far:

To gain engagement:

Post more frequently

Since the platform is now giving an edge to users who keep their audience engaged more (in short make it harder for the users to leave the app), the key is to do just that. Understand that Instagram keeps tabs on the time your followers spend on your posts. So, you would naturally want to increase that time, right? Post more frequently. This will increase the chances of your posts to make it to your followers’ feed which is essentially what you want.

Ideally speaking, you should post daily. But most of us can’t do that so try to increase the number of posts per week. You can also add videos, for a change. This keeps the spirit of fresh or new content on your profile alive. Moreover, there is something more about the videos, if you ask me. They feel more intimate than pictures. Followers get a closer look into your life and they may get drawn more towards your profile.

Engage with your audience

Another important aspect that comes after posting is engaging with the comments and messages you receive. Reply to them promptly. Instagram takes notes of that as well. Try it and you’ll see the reward of prompt replies reflecting on your overall engagement. One thing that has not changed is the app still acknowledges its loyal users and rewards them for their efforts as well.

To stay updated:

Turn on post notifications

Another flip side of the new update is that you might miss out on the content you have been meaning to see. What a bummer, right? With the new update, when you come online after a while you will only see the highlights of what happened in your absence. Only the content that the app considers ‘worth showing’ will be shown to you.

In order to not miss out on the content by a particular profile or blogger is by turning on the notifications for them. Just as Instagram notifies you when some posts a story after a while, you will get a push in notification every time this particular profile makes a post. This way you will stay updated on what you would like to see.

Adapt to the pattern of instagram

You must be thinking if Instagram shows us what we are most likely to engage with then how come we miss out on that stuff in the highlights? It’s simple; since the app is now working to pave a way for increased paid engagements, these things will take time to adjust and till then we’ll have to adjust things ourselves.

Summing up

Beating the flip sides of the new update is not that hard. All you need to do is make the app believe that it matters to you. And for that start posting more frequently and you’ll be fine.

In a nutshell, the app’s algorithm will keep on evolving with its ever-increasing user-base. We may be a little too wary about the latest update but who knows it might prove to be effective once we get the hang of it.

Head to our next article in the edition to get to know more about the ‘bright side’ of the new update!