Facebook Blue Certification is the highest accreditation that Facebook gives to a person in advertising. But it’s a paid exam and since you have to pay every time you want to take the test; it is imperative that you’re not just wasting your money. To ensure that you pass the test, you must first be willing to learn. But the question remains, how to prepare for the Facebook Blue Certification exam?

Here are 7 quick tips you need to follow to ensure your maximum chances of passing the exam on the first attempt:

Know your exam!

The first step is to know which exam you want to take. There are three categories of the exams you can take and each of them is based on completely different skill sets. Decide which course best suits your skillset and your objective of marketing. Once you’re sure on which exam to take, the rest will fall in easily.

Source: Facebook Business
Source: Facebook Business

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Read and Learn!

There is an old maxim that says, Knowledge is power. To pass the exam, you should have access to this power. You should have complete knowledge of Facebook Ads and how they operate. This includes knowing about the demographics, the analytics and the right distribution and monetization involved in Ads creation. The best way to learn and test your knowledge is by experimenting with Ads innovatively and creatively.

So, don’t be afraid of doing something wrong. The more you’ll practice your skillset, the better you’d learn and re-learn from it.

Become best friends with eLearning!

To learn how Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram operates, you can turn to the resources and guides available on Facebook Business.

There are a number of free courses which Facebook itself offers. Simply go to Facebook Business and under Learn option, you’d see the universe of Blue Learning unfold in front of your eyes. Use all those online materials to your advantage and learn anything and everything you need to for the exam.

Source: Facebook Business

Get assistance from professionals!

You can expand your world of knowledge by stepping into the virtual space of Blue Certification Live. Simply go to Facebook Business and under the heading, Resources, click on partners. It will hook you up with marketers from around the globe. Not only can you read their success stories and be inspired by it, but you can also see videos of their brainchildren which will tutor you into all the knowledge you need to pass the exam.

Source: Facebook Business

Plan ahead the time!

After you’ve completed the learning phase, you’d select an exam date for yourself. The exam is usually taken at a Testing center, but in an instance where that option is unavailable, a proctored exam will take place. There will be a professional supervising you through your camera. The proctor or the supervisor will have to confirm your identification first through identity card or documents. After that, they will inspect your room through the camera. Ensure that you have all the required material on you before starting the exam.

Keep away all material which can distract you from the test. The exams are available in many languages including English, German, Spanish and Japanese. This will help you communicate with the proctor too, in case of any queries.

Timing is the key!

As old and clichéd as it may sound, it is true. Facebook Blue Certification exam is just like any other exam. To attempt it, you must remain confident in your knowledge and accurate in your timing. Since the exam will be of 105 minutes or 90 minutes, you must time yourself wisely. Do not let the phrasing of questions confuse you. Read them carefully and ask the proctor for help only if there is a case of technical support.

Honesty will pave the way!

Before you appear for your exam, it is required of you to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which will obligate you not to disperse the exam material to anyone. This means that you can publish it elsewhere, even after the exam. If this agreement is violated, you will be barred from taking the exam for three years.

Also, keep in mind that the test is monitored at all times, so do not engage in any funny business of cheating or copying.

At the end of the day, your success rate of passing the Facebook Blue Certification depends on your willingness to learn and abide by the guidelines. The more you learn and gain knowledge on your exam course before the test, the better it’ll be for you. Our advice is to start preparing today and do not be afraid of exhausting helping resources. They’re present for you to use!

Do let us know if these tips helped you in the comments section below.